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Trade Promotion Consulting Services

Get more Volume & Profit from your Trade Spending

Manufacturers spend millions of dollars each year on trade promotion, yet few have developed the resources required to adequately evaluate the volume and profitability impact of their trade promotion activity. Understanding the effectiveness of individual trade events for each promoted item on an account-by-account basis is critical to the successful planning of future promotions. Synectics Group consultants have the expertise to work with your field and corporate staff to analyze your trade promotions and formulate an action plan to improve volume and profit.


Just a few of the trade management issues Synectics Group can help you address:

Are your trade promotions driving consumer purchases? Are your trade promotions functioning as an attempt to hold retail distribution?
  Which trade promotions generate more shipment volume, incremental consumption, and profitability?
Do your trade promotion expenditures result in high levels of retailer subsidization, encouraging excessive forward buys which shift volume between periods without significantly increasing overall consumption?
Can you spend less on trade promotions without jeopardizing volume? What is the quality of the retail merchandising support you receive for various promotions?
Are you able to reach targeted hot price points at retail? Do deeper deal discounts generate corresponding increases in retail merchandising support and greater volume?


To identify opportunities that will improve your trade plan, we will:

Analyze past promotions using Account Review software
Integrate shipment, spending, and other internal information with your syndicated data
Compare shipment and consumption trends
Measure the efficiency of your trade spending
Evaluate retail merchandising performance
Determine which trade deals work better and why
Interview all parties involved in the planning process
Incorporate results from all sources into specific recommendations
Recommend reallocation of trade promotion spending to the more effective deals


Why work with Synectics Group?

Improved volume and profit are not the only results of a consulting project. We can also help with a variety of questions. Here are just some of the issues that may be targeted during consultation with Synectics Group:
Improving your ongoing promotion analysis and trade planning processes
Measuring account profitability due to trade promotion
Identifying forward buying at the item level on an account-by-account basis
Establishing measurable goals for trade marketing activity
Providing structure and consistency to the trade promotion planning process
Enhancing elements of deal administration
Isolating problem areas in trade promotion


Potential Consulting Project Areas:

A consulting project with Synectics Group can focus on one or more of the following topics:
Trade promotion event evaluation
Account profitability
Shipment/consumption trend analysis
Spending analysis
Merchandising effectiveness analysis
Competitive activity tracking
Trade load estimates
Strategic planning initiatives
General business reviews
Geographic and/or COT analysis
Product mix analysis
Retail distribution
Pricing analysis
Seasonal sell-through
Category performance measures
Training in analysis and planning


Consulting Project Deliverables:

Kick-off meeting to define project objectives
In-depth analysis of available internal and syndicated data
Interviews with key individuals to incorporate qualitative feedback with the quantitative analyses
Ongoing consultation for the duration of the project
Customized database built for project analysis
Action plans that increase volume and profit from trade spending
Formal presentation of results, conclusions, and recommendations
Fact book supporting project findings and recommendations
Installation of Account Review trade promotion analysis and planning software

Where to start:
Call now and schedule a free meeting with our consultants so that we can learn about your needs. Talk with us about your situation. If we believe we can help you, we will prepare a detailed proposal for your review.

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