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Synectics Group Training Class Formats

We focus on providing complete service and support for all aspects of trade promotion management. In addition to software development and technical support, we emphasize the importance of our training and consulting capabilities for both new and existing clients. Our personnel are recognized as industry experts in the area of trade promotion management. This expertise is reflected in our commitment to superior training. Our trainers have extensive experience, not only with the software itself but also with trade promotion issues relevant to the successful utilization of the product. Account Review™ TPM training covers the functionality of the product as well as the navigation within the software, while emphasizing the business aspects of the interpretation and the application of the results.

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Introduction to Account Review  

Account Review Refresher

Advanced Promotion Analysis

Advanced Planning/Budget Tracking

Advanced Planning and Execution

Advanced Deduction Management

Synectics Group Training Class Formats
  Synectics Group Training Center in Allentown, Pennsylvania.



Introduction to Account Review TPM: Our standard 1 day training session provides the fundamental instruction required to begin using the software to analyze and plan trade promotions. This course is recommended for anyone involved in the management of the trade promotion process, including headquarters sales, marketing, finance, information systems, trade marketing, field sales, and brokers. The complete course includes training in the areas of promotion analysis, promotion planning, budget tracking, trade payment processing, deduction resolution and the field update process.

Account Review™ TPM Training Topics
Analysis - historical post-promotion evaluation of both internal (shipment, spending, profitability, etc.) and syndicated (consumption, pricing, merchandising, etc.) data.
Planning - the creation of trade promotion events, retrieval of existing events, and reporting capabilities for planned events.
   Budgeting - monitoring the status of budgeted versus planned volume and spending.
   Payments/Deductions - disbursement of trade funds based on planned events and resolving deductions.


Account Review™ TPM Refresher: This one-day training session provides a follow-up review of the basic skills and concepts covered in the introductory training. This course is recommended for users with approximately one year of experience with the software. The session opens with attendees generating a list of questions and/or issues that they would like to see addressed during the training. The course is designed to provide the more experienced user with a review of material that may not have been thoroughly absorbed during the introductory training.


Advanced Promotion Analysis: This one-day training session focuses on advanced applications of the historical analysis capabilities within the software. This course is customized to the specific needs of each client and is usually conducted for headquarters personnel who are responsible for trade promotion analysis. Topics may include a review of the basic promotion evaluation concepts, additional reports and graphs not addressed in the introductory training, interpretation and application of trade promotion analysis results, examples of custom analysis consulting projects conducted with Account Review™, and in-class exploration of specific client-generated analysis questions.


Advanced Planning/Budget Tracking: This training session is designed to build on the basic skills developed by our Introduction to Account Review class. This class combines our consulting and training skills to create a unique collaborative learning environment. Training and exercises go into much more detail, and include features and functionality for more technically advanced users. For example, classes can include more complex indirect planning options of roll-up or push-down planning. Other examples include targeted training on the planning process from one group's point of view, such as the brokers or the field region managers. Training can include additional workflow recommendations from entering the first plan to evaluating how all planned activity compares to corporate and field budgets.


Advanced Planning and Execution: This class format combines our consulting and training skills to create a collaborative learning environment. This training session can be geared toward region and corporate sales managers, providing recommendations on how region managers can best manage the planning/approval process for their brokers. It also can provide specific recommendations about how to evaluate the execution of deals as the calendar or fiscal year progresses. These sessions also include specific workflow recommendations from evaluating and approving individual plans to actual reporting/evaluation and funds tracking at the customer, market and other levels within the client's organization. Advanced training classes can be adapted to the specific training needs of each client.


Advanced Deduction Management: This advanced training session is designed for staff dedicated to the deduction resolution process. Typically students research and resolve deductions full time. These classes include advanced features and functionality for technically advanced users. These classes also serve as a forum for the Synectics Group trainers and the students to discuss how to apply advanced Account Review TPM deduction resolution features to automate and streamline work flow. 


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