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Synectics Group Production Data Center

With the growing industry concern over Sarbans-Oxley and other governmental audit requirements, it is important to our clients that their TPM system meets SAS/70 and HIPPA requirements. To ensure the highest level of data security and business continuity, the data center has been designed to anticipate challenges in the following areas:
Infrastructure Services
Network Connectivity
Facility Capabilities
Electrical Power
Fire Suppression
Water Detection
Physical Security
Data Center Infrastructure Services 
The data center’s goal is to provide 100% infrastructure availability for our hosted clients. To this goal, the data center maintains an on-site Enterprise Network Operations Center staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The data center’s Enterprise Network Operations Center (eNOC) is responsible for first line phone support, monitoring the networks, servers, applications and databases, and performing hourly Data Center walk-throughs. The Operations staff also provides Level 1 trouble shooting and escalation to the data center’s Engineers, and 3rd party vendors as necessary.

Data Center Network Connectivity
Since most companies require highly available network access, the data center has designed and built an extremely reliable, high-speed, Fiber Optic network. The network is built around five Tier 1 fiber optic communications providers that use the latest in SONET technology. These fiber providers utilize three diverse and separate paths into the data center for added high availability.

Our main data center is located in Southeastern, Pennsylvania. This facility was designed and built specifically for managed hosting and disaster recovery services. The facility is a modern concrete and block building built to the highest construction standards. Chubb Insurance Services was directly involved in the recommendation and design of the safety systems and on-site certification and testing. The data center’s main data center was built with every feature you would expect in an environment designed for keeping equipment, people and data safe and secure. Construction of the data centers includes grounded raised floors and seismically braced supports.

The data center’s electrical power system has been designed and built specifically to meet the needs of a high availability data center. The data center has over 1.5 Megawatts of incoming power to the facility. This power is protected from surges and spikes with special filtering equipment. The Data Center is fed by three large online UPS’s. Each UPS provides over 180 minutes of backup power. Each UPS’s health is monitored continuously via SNMP monitoring by our Data Center Operations staff. Each UPS feeds separate groupings of distribution and breaker panels thereby providing isolated and redundant power to equipment that allows for N+1 power feeds. In the event of a power failure, an industrial duty 800 kW Caterpillar diesel generator provides power to the whole facility in less than 8 seconds.

The generator is tested weekly and exercised once a month under full load. All vital generator-monitoring points are located in the facility for remote monitoring and additionally monitored remotely by ADT Security. All equipment is under manufacturer support contracts and inspected monthly.

HVAC is provided by redundant Leibert air handlers. Each unit provides cooling, humidification, and leak and smoke detection. The walls of the Data Centers are lined with a vapor barrier to further control humidity. These units are under vendor maintenance, inspected hourly and monitored remotely by ADT Security. Water pans have been installed under the units for additional protection from leaks. The data center has installed separate historical temperature and humidity monitoring and reporting equipment for auditing the performance of the environmental equipment.
The data center has installed sophisticated fire detection and suppression systems to protect the Data Centers and the entire building. The Data Centers are surrounded by 2 hour UL listed firewalls that are also insulated for sound. Smoke detectors are located above the ceilings, below the ceilings and below the floors for complete monitoring. The Data Centers are equipped with a state-of-the-art pre-action (dry) sprinkler system in the ceiling and a gas-based fire suppression system under the floor. Each system is interlocked for maximum protection. The control systems are inspected and monitored weekly by The data center personnel and inspected quarterly by the manufacturer. A third party security vendor also continuously monitors over 150 alarm points in the building.

The data center’s Data Centers have no water pipes above the Data Centers and no roof penetrations for maximum water protection. Water detection sensors are located under the floors in the Data Centers and in the Sprinkler Control Room.

Data Center Security

The data center takes our client’s confidentiality and security requirements very seriously. The data center has developed a comprehensive confidentiality and security policy plan. The data center conducts background checks and requires all employees to pass random drug screening. Our security procedures are well documented, reviewed, and updated as needed. The data center utilizes a large in-house shredder for shredding client notes, correspondence, configuration information, etc. for additional confidentiality.

Stringent security measures are taken to maintain a highly secure facility. Access to the Data Center is available only to key the data center personnel. Maintenance personnel are escorted at all times. All exterior doors, Operations Center, Data Centers and hallways are monitored and have recorded video camera surveillance. The data center has installed open door and security breach alarms that are internally and externally monitored. Selected alarm points provide automatic police and fire department notification. The data center uses a card pass door access system for all employees and visitors to restrict access and record movement in the building. Recorded video surveillance monitors key doors, hallways, and inside each data center.


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